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Paper Maché Muscle

Paper Maché Muscle is a groovy set of spastic ideas, helmed by the Houston native Ichikara Valdez, known by his eponym, DJ IV. His style of sampling, combined with his eclectic taste in music, invite the listener to a world of grit and texture, inhabited by a range of influences from around the globe, with both opposing and complementary elements of sound. “The title of the project comes from the technique of layering used to produce the final sound,” IV explains. “It’s almost the antithesis of a beat tape.” His selection in percussion and rhythm are highlighted by the heritage of sounds in his production.

IV is a musician and producer whose career is structured by growth of his own personal library, which, like his preferences, is built on the genres he knows, but always branching out. An avid crate digger, IV’s collection of records contains artifacts from the iconic artists of every era. His earliest influences, from Jazz, Funk, Gospel, Soul, and Hip-Hop, led him to explore the foreign iteration of these same genres. Paper Maché Muscle reflects this odyssey, presenting the listener with an aesthetic experience analogous to the fully stamped pages of a passport.

“It works together because it came from the same stream of consciousness,” IV says of Paper Maché Muscle, which flows wondrouslydespite the enormous variety in the origin and mood of the sounds. Paper Maché Muscle emerged as a challenge in interpretation and sound design. A lull in collaborative work moved IV to turn inward, and assess the potential he could produce with just his records and his chops. It serves as  an introduction: IV’s next solo project, Lead Savage, is already nearing the final stages and production, and it is slated for release summer 2017.

+ by Nayeli Garza