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jax yohana

TJax Yohana" is an up and coming producer, musician & emcee from California currently residing in Houston, Texas. He began studying audio engineering at CRAS (Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences) in Gilbert, AZ in 2013, and has diligently worked on perfecting his craft every day since.

Jax comes from humbled beginnings rooted from the church, where he learned to play piano, organ, saxophone, and the drums at a very young age. His musicianship alone is something that puts his production in a league of it’s own.


alonzo know

TWorking with a variety of mediums, artist and educator Jeffrey Alonzo Karahamuheto (ALONZO KNOW) bridges the gap between art, education, race, and reality. Influenced by the ruggedness of artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, scholarship of Paulo Freire, lyricism of Nasir Jones , and introspection of Surrealist Rene Magritte, Karahamuheto aims to provoke excitement, curiosity, introspection, and purpose in all who experience his work.



Listen to the debut EP by Frank-Synato, a producer/emcee duo out of Houston, Texas. All tracks produced by Steez.